ACL Human machine interface

Customised communication between man and technology

The technology around us is becoming increasingly complex. But we demand that it becomes increasingly easy to operate. That requires customised solutions in Human Machine Interfacing. Control panels and touchscreens that are precisely tailored to the application.

ACL Technopanel BV has been manufacturing and developing custom control panels for almost 40 years.

There are many factors that determine the operating conditions of our touchscreen panels, control panels and HMIs. Our customers are thoroughly familiar with their applications and users. We link our integration and technology expertise to this knowledge. This enables us to create appropriate and affordable custom functionality.  We work for a wide range of industries. From hospitals to luxury goods. From factories to open air systems. From schools to the (petro)chemical industry.

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We make custom work

We will be happy to look at your specific wishes and requirements and can then indicate exactly what we can do to meet your operating needs.