PCAP touchscreen

custom PCAP touchscreen solutions

Capacitive touchscreens (PCAP)

Capacitive touchscreens are an integral part of today’s world. We make them from small to large, ranging from 7 to 42 inches, in our own cleanroom.
Optimal application of this technology requires choices in terms of:

  • Material, shape and thickness of the cover (glass; plastic)
  • Operating requirements and conditions (temperature, moisture, gloves)
  • Capacitive touch screen type (G/G – G/F/F)
  • Disturbances caused by internal components and external environmental factors
  • Communication with the touch controller

Capacitive keys

In addition to capacitive touch screens, capacitive keys are also often used. This can be as single buttons but also as sliders.
We also develop touch screens in which we integrate extra keys. This saves the costs of an additional controller.

Firmware Tuning

The operation of a PCAP touch screen is controlled by standard firmware. However, our customers’ applications are often not standard. ACL can tune the controllers in house and therefore apply the desired refinement.

Click here for a complete overview of ACL applied technologies.

We make custom work

We will be happy to look at your specific wishes and requirements and can then indicate exactly what we can do to meet your operating needs.

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