Control panels that reflect the customer’s identity

The control panel makes our customers’ systems accessible to their end users. They often stand or sit almost literally with their nose glued to our product. That is why it is so important that this product breathes the corporate identity of our customer in everything. Design, corporate identity and quality appearance are all reflected in our products. All the choices we make for our design contribute to that identity: appearance, colour scheme, lighting, choice of materials and degree of finish.

Such choices are not minor details that are secondary to the functionality. They are essential elements of the control panel and its seamless integration into the design of the overall system.

ACL’s extensive knowledge and experience allow us to make our customers optimally aware of the options they have in the design process. As a result, our products strengthen the identity of our customers. With every use!

We make custom work

We will be happy to look at your specific wishes and requirements and can then indicate exactly what we can do to meet your operating needs.