Controls that works under all circumstances

There are many factors that determine the conditions of use of our touchscreen panels, control panels and HMIs.

Whether it’ s indoors or outdoors, high or low light, hot or cold, exposed or protected, trained or one-time user, normal or harsh atmosphere…, the list is long.

Our customers are thoroughly familiar with their applications and users. We link our integration and technology expertise to this knowledge. This enables us to create appropriate and affordable custom functionality.

We work for a wide range of industries. From hospitals to luxury goods. From factories to open air systems. From schools to the (petro)chemical industry. And everywhere, the functionality must be perfectly adapted to the circumstances. We have always broadened our experience with all these applications. And we still do that on a daily basis.

Ease of use is one of the most important criteria when it comes to customer satisfaction among end users. As is reliability. That’s why these factors dominate our design process.

We make custom work

We will be happy to look at your specific wishes and requirements and can then indicate exactly what we can do to meet your operating needs.

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