Knowledge of the latest developments

Knowledge of the latest developments in switching techniques, materials and integration for perfect operating solutions

We have extensive knowledge and experience to help our customers make the right choices in the design process of custom control panels. We offer a range of relevant technologies, materials and integration possibilities. By clearly explaining the pros and cons of these many options, we are able to make the right choices together. And we achieve the desired functionality under the defined conditions of use. Of course, the final product price also has a key role to play in this process.

Our control panels ultimately form an integral part of our customers’ machines and installations. Certain products, such as PCAP panels, may require fine tuning between the Human Machine Interface and the customer’s complete system to ensure smooth operation under all conditions. We call this the ‘tuning’ of the product in its set-up. Only when this has been done is our project successfully completed.

Through a tightly controlled design methodology and short lines to our own production and our external partners, we achieve results quickly and flexibly – prototype, first series and series production.

We make custom work

We will be happy to look at your specific wishes and requirements and can then indicate exactly what we can do to meet your operating needs.